Go behind the scenes of IONIQ’s explosive TV ad

Cars30 August 2019

Cassette tapes, fluffy dice, a massive cake… welcome to the world of super-slow mo explosions.

When IONIQ won Best Hybrid at the 2019 WhatCar? Awards for the second year in a row, it seemed fitting to celebrate with a new TV advert. And so it was that back in February, in a cold studio in West London, that filming for The Amazing Drop Of Fuel began.

The ad, which hit TV screens earlier in the year, is a rousing look at what petrol power can do when electrified by IONIQ’s hybrid technology, as a single drop of ordinary fuel is transformed into something that can do extraordinary things.

“I thought the idea was brilliant. It was so simple. It was the first script I’d ever been sent that managed to visualise the idea of what a hybrid car does; a drop of petrol is helped by electricity to create something much more powerful,” said the ad’s director Deane Thrussell.

In the ad, a single drop of fuel is filmed in super slow motion as it falls through the air. After being charged with electricity mid-flight, it is able to ‘do more’; smashing through any object that crosses its path before it lands on the car as the IONIQ fires into life.

“The creative team did a great job of coming up with fun items that visualised motoring of the past,” says Deane, “and that tongue in cheek attitude needed to run through the whole advert.

The ad was shot on a Phantom Onyx - the same camera used in Solo: A Star Wars Story - which is capable of filming at up to 12,000 frames per second. That's 480 times slower than normal video and means one second of filming can take up to eight minutes to watch back! The IONIQ ad wasn't filmed quite that slowly but the shattered glass and exploding cake still look pretty impressive! See how the team achieved the amazing results in this behind-the-scenes film…



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